Then a Miracle Occurs

Hey everyone. I’m starting a newsletter called “The Fresh Coach” to help new(er) coaches feel more confident as they learn and grow (The New Coach was already taken). Basically, I’m creating the website and newsletter I wish I had when starting out as a coach. I hope you enjoy it.


We go through these amazing programs at considerable cost of time and money. Maybe there is a segment on the business of coaching, sometimes there isn’t. All of a sudden we are outside of that safe learning environment. Not everyone is profitable from day one, and it can take years of hard work and pivots to build a sustainable business. So often we are scared to say just how hard it is.

Also, coaching seems so straightforward. Ask questions, listen for answers, and voila - transformation! In reality, it feels more like the cartoon below.

Learning to be a coach brought me to my knees. Yet trying to find which books to read or sites to visit made my head spin - there are more than 163 million Google hits on life coaching! I wanted to create a newsletter that offered a few, targeted tips and resources every month.

I will also include updates on what I’m working on and learning to keep it real.


My hope is to create a judgement-free zone where coaches can be…..vulnerable.

There will be a forum page to build community, ask questions, and get help.

The curated links page will have great reads, podcasts, and lectures that really resonate for new(er) coaches.

And each month you will receive the Fresh Coach Newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox.

This is a work-in-progress and will likely evolve over time. Thanks for your patience. Please let me know if you have any specific topics you would like me to write about. And if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it.

With a little bit of fear and a whole lot of gratitude,